Improvement Through Movement

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Total Movement

An informal class with a simple theme:

Move. You don’t have to book your place, you simply turn up. Held each morning and evening; an excellent way to charge the mind and body for a great day. Each class starts slowly, warming up each joint, stimulating blood flow. Some time spent on breathing. We then begin mobility exercises. Every class will be different, but they key fundamentals are mobility, functional flexibility, balance, breath work, de-stressing and injury resistance. Most importantly, the classes are fun. You could describe it as a playground for grown-ups, moving with and meeting like minded people. This class is a great addition to your day. Join our tribe.

  • Total Movement (walk-ins) - €12

    Full week of classes for €25

  • Pre-Booked Evening Course - €500

    6 week pre-booked course (numbers limited)

  • Team/Individual Programs - POA

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