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  • Massage

    Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue,
    Upper/Lower or Full Body

  • Manipulation

    Spinal and Neural

  • Myofascial Release

    Skeletal muscle immobility and pain

  • Dry Needling

    Therapeutic needle practice

  • Breath Work

    How to use the breath efficiently

  • Postural / Gait Analysis

    Improving your gait to become pain free

  • Mobilisation

    Joint mobilisation

  • Cognitive Functional Therapy

    For chronic (long term) injuries or conditions

All consultations and treatments depend upon a healthy communication between patient and therapist. The therapist will describe every treatment in detail beforehand and the patient will always be in control of the course of treatment.


Our Prices

Physical Therapy

New Patient €55

Existing Patient €45

Ongoing Treatments €35

Massage Treatments

Swedish Upper / Lower Body €25

Swedish Full Body €40

Deep Tissue Upper / Lower Body €30

Deep Tissue Full Body €45

Sports Upper / Lower Body €30

Sports Full Body €45

Upper / Lower Body 30 minutes
Full Body
55 minutes


Total Movement (walk-ins) €12
Full week of classes for €25

Pre-Booked Evening Course €500
6 week pre-booked course (numbers limited)

Team/Individual Programs POA

About Our Treatments


Swedish: Practised for thousands of years, it is aimed at eliminating toxins from the skin and organs by stimulating blood flow. Very beneficial, very relaxing massage. Just lie on the table and switch off. We offer half or full body massage. With all full body massages there is the option to include myofascial release of the head and scalp. Extremely effective in releasing the tight skin around the head and scalp which can ease or eliminate headaches, stiff neck or shoulders. Also a brilliant treatment for treating concussions.

Deep tissue: A bit more rigorous. Aimed at patients with a repetitive strain injury or developed poor posture or gait. The process still eliminates toxins through stimulated blood flow but also affects stuck structures by stripping through rough adhesions. A deeper massage affecting deep lasting change to tight sore stuck tissues.

Sports: Offered to our sporting clients. A sportsperson can often feel tight or restricted after hard sessions at the track, court or pitch. This massage aims to work in cooperation with the patients sport. There is an air of maintenance about this practise. All sports massages will be completed with some offered rehab to prevent and protect the athlete moving forward.


For chronic (long term) injuries or conditions:  Sometimes injuries which have run their natural course do not improve and in extreme cases actually get worse over time. By that we mean the area becomes highly sensitised and very good at detecting “pain”. For these cases, therapy and rehabilitation seem to offer very little in the means of recovery. Education and cognitive reshaping have been shown to be highly successful in such cases.


The lungs are the engine of the body. Unfortunately, the importance of breathing has been somewhat overlooked in our health and medical professions. At TMPT we place a heavy emphasis on using our lungs efficiently. We teach it in our classes and we also use it in our consultations. For all ages or ability, breath work can transform your health and function.


Dry Needling is a great way to turn down neural sensitivity of a specific muscle where hands might not be able to get to. It is a great tool for the therapist and a brilliant treatment for our patients.


Short tight muscles can put an excessive strain on bones. All bones are connected by joints. When the joints become locked in a certain position it will restrict movement and can be painful. If not resolved, the joint can become arthritic. We use joint mobilisation in conjunction with lengthening and softening tight muscles to release the locked position of the joint. This gives instant relief and our prescribed rehab will help you bring the joint back into alignment.


We observe every patient for abnormal posture or gait. I say abnormal but it would be more precise to call great posture abnormal. Every person’s posture is a product of various ‘compensations’ they have picked up and added to over the years. Our initial analysis will give us a baseline to work off. We then work our way back removing each compensation as it presents itself.

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