Improvement Through Movement

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Flexibility, Agility + Speed

We start by measuring the individual’s flexibility. Too little, will restrict range of motion which limits the body’s potential for speed. Too much and you can be at risk of overextending which can put the body in dangerous positions, where injury can occur. At TMPT we aim to achieve functional flexibility, which is a healthy ratio of flexibility and tone. It’s a fine line but when you achieve this balance we move to the next stage: Agility. This is a measure of how well you can make your body move. If you have a healthy range of motion with adequate muscle tone then we begin to work on reactions. If our flexibility is balanced with a functional level of agility then you can start to wreak the benefits of truly phenomenal speed. This skill is transferable to every sport or exercise… “Wanna go fast?”

  • Total Movement Mornings (walk-ins) - €12

    Full week of classes for €25

  • Pre-Booked Evening Classes - €130

    7 week pre-booked course (numbers limited)

  • Team / Individual Programs - POA

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