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Classes at TMPT were designed by a Physical Therapist using the knowledge of human anatomy, with precise goals: Efficiency and Longevity. All classes were designed with a heavy emphasis on joint mobilisation, effective flexibility, transferable strength and mobility.

Some classes have specific themes with outlined goals which are great for an athlete or team looking to ‘specialise’. However, the beauty of all the classes at TMPT is they all circle our company’s common goal: Reducing chance of injury by increasing mobility. The classes are aimed at certain targets but they are intended and designed to be enjoyed by all, regardless of skill or ability. Everyone has a starting point depending on where they are at that moment. However, the finish has yet to be decided. So in the meantime, the solution is simple, keep moving!

  • Total Movement (walk-ins) - €12

    Full week of classes for €25

  • Pre-Booked Evening Course - €500

    6 week pre-booked course (numbers limited)

  • Team/Individual Programs - POA

About Our Classes


An informal class with a simple theme: Move. You don’t have to book your place, you simply turn up. Held each morning and evening; an excellent way to charge the mind and body for a great day…


Balance is everything. We must aim for balance in our career, our family and social lives. A person that does not will either burn out or become lazy and get left behind. Life in general is all about balance…


All our classes strive to build good mobility coupled with longevity. We never look to specialise, even in our specific classes. This class just leans more towards healthy transferable strength…


An exercise program tailored for the individual or sports team. These programs are built using the concept of flow training (challenging and enjoyable). Sport team programs are made on a contract basis…

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