Improvement Through Movement

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Balance, Breath + Control

Balance is everything. We must aim for balance in our career, our family and social lives. A person that does not will either burn out or become lazy and get left behind. Life in general is all about balance. We can’t have it all, yet we won’t survive on nothing.

In these classes we teach balance, metaphorically and literally… balance. We also teach breath work. Breath work is overlooked. Proper breathing technique achieves and maintains excellent health, it can cure people from illness, it can give top athletes the edge they crave. Ironically, it is free. People spend thousands on health, when breathing is the greatest healthcare you could ever invest in. When we talk control, we work on muscle control but also address emotional control, discipline. Not as demanding as some of our other classes, yet transformative. If you are looking to take back control of your life, physically and emotionally, this class is a huge step in the right direction.

  • Total Movement (walk-ins) - €12

    Full week of classes for €25

  • Pre-Booked Evening Course - €500

    6 week pre-booked course (numbers limited)

  • Team / Individual Programs - POA

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