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Total Movement Physical Therapy

In our consultations we aim to address every aspect of the patient’s life. It is the aim of a Physical Therapist to determine the root cause. At TMPT we are not interested in short lived “fixes”. That is why we take time to get to know you. Taking a patient centred approach we can begin to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Our treatments initially help reduce pain and increase the patient’s range of motion. Once this has been achieved, the patient can start on their tailor-made rehabilitation program. This can include anything from breathing exercises, walking, strength or balance work. The key is to build confidence through a gradual graded approach. We will help you every step of the way.

Our classes are a great way of building on your new skills. TMPT is a welcoming atmosphere with all manner of people, all interested in moving and staying healthy. Total Movement is about learning, moving and living well. When you can move without pain or limitation, life is more fun. It’s never too early or too late, to start moving with confidence. Once we get you there, you can just keep on flowing.


  • BIO

    Physiological pathology


    Thoughts emotions and behaviours such as psychological distress, fear/avoidance beliefs, current coping methods and attribution


    Socio-economical, socio-environmental, and cultural factors such as work issues, family circumstances and benefits/economics

A Typical Consultation

  • History Take*
  • Assessment
  • Working Diagnosis
  • Goal Setting
  • Treatment
  • Patient Specific Graded Rehabilitation
  • Confidence Building
  • Return to Sport / Activity
  • Higher Standard of Living

*A Physical Therapist takes an extensive history take with every new patient. They will always obtain the name of the patient’s GP and consent to contact them. We are trained to identify yellow or red flags through our screening and testing. Underlying conditions can mimic musculoskeletal symptoms and that is why our initial questioning is always broad yet detailed. We will always refer to their GP if we have concerns. A quick diagnosis can make all the difference to a patient’s recovery.


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